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EGM Magazine Reviews (February 2001)
NOTE: As usual, they are unfair, wrong, and EGM probably didn't even play the games.

Tempest 3000
VM Labs/Jeff Minter
1-2 players
Reviewer: Chris

I am a big fan of the Jaguar Tempest 2000 (even got Jeff Minter to autograph the manual at a past CES) and its PS/Saturn incarnations. So I went into this game thinking it was going to be great, and wasn't let down completely. Without question, the subtle Nuonces (pun intended) added to the gameplay make this the best Tempest ever. The new hover ability, trippy bonus levels, webs that change shape, enemies that disappear/reappear, being able to add time to your superzapper-the list of additions goes on and on. It's also really hard, but it keeps a sense of humor with levels names like "Now You Hate Me" and "Ribbed for Extra Pleasure." But the blurry graphics will likely kill the enjoyment for all but the staunchest classic gamers. I can see that the intent was for webs to look like beams of light but it's carried out to an extreme, sometimes at the expense of gameplay (what just shot me? I can't see! AHHHH! Its giving me seizures!). Maybe someone will sharpen it up a bit and put it on another system. A strong game if you've already bought a Nuon.

Visuals: 5
Sound: 8
Replay: 7
Overall: 6.5

Merlin Racing
VM Labs/Miracle Desighns
1-2 players
Reviewer: Greg

I guess I could see my kids playing Merlin Racing (if I had any), but even as a kid's game this title really doesn't deliver. A shameless Mario Kart ripoff, the weapons in Merling Racing seem limited to different mines and grenades, a straight shot missle, homing missile and a shield. It's all very mundane, since there's no strategy involved like having to hold a weapon behing you to shield your driver from incoming projectiles. Even the driving itself is boring. The track design is middling at best and the sense of speed is almost non-existent. Still, the first few levels are enjoyable enough. Tou have to trabel to each new track from the main hub, earning keys to new doors as you win each race. It's very Diddy Kong Racingish. Unfortunately, the games difficulty takes a dramatic upswing as soon as you kit the first boss (five levels in). It's around that point that most children will lose interest, older gamers haveing already given up on this junk. Theres really nothing that makes this game stand out. It's definitely not worth buying a Nuon for...

Visuals: 6
Sound: 4
Replay: 5

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